“At Tots in Motion our main focus is fun! Our teachers are committed to creating an atmosphere that builds self-esteem while increasing your child’s motor skills, coordination, rhythm, strength, and flexibility. Each Tots in Motion dance class features a combination of jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and tumbling. We begin with a jazzy hip-hop warm-up to get the blood pumping and follow with a group stretching session and ballet positions. Next, it’s time to practice skills in small groups moving across the floor, followed by learning a routine. Class ends with tumbling and everybody’s favorite…freeze dance!”


This type of dance is typically done to up-beat music and contains basic skills from standard ballet technique. Jazz dance allows a dancer the freedom to express their emotion or tell a story through physical movement.


A formal dance style that is classical in nature. Although ballet is typically accompanied with slow music, the dance style can be performed to a variety of music genres. Ballet contains formal technique that is focused on precision and grace.


Closely related to gymnastics, this form of dance combines quick, rigid movements, with acrobatic tricks such as forward or backward somersaults, cartwheels, roundoffs, and flips.

Hip Hop

A style of dance that many associate with the styles of the 1970’s. There are many styles that people associate with hip-hop such as popping, locking, breaking, and funk. All of these styles are typically performed to quick hitting music such as hip-hop, pop, or house.

Creative Movement

This is a fusion of jazz and ballet dance where a dancer becomes self-aware of their body and begins to perform basic movements on a beat to any style of music.